Brand new to the lash industry, our 3D Clover lashes are the latest lash trend to hit the lash world.

Applied just like classics, these 3D Clover lashes allow you to create full and fluffy volume lashes in quicktime. What is not to love?

Wow your clients with this new type of lash which as you can see for yourself creates a beautiful uniformed fluffy effect.

The long base provides incredible attachment, retention and a dark eyeliner effect.
These are so quick and easy to apply, pick up and apply just like a classic lash yet quickly watch the volume unfold in front of you.

For this you will need to work with a precise pair of volume tweezers, classic tweezers will not suffice. These extensions are created in a similar way to premade fans, therefore to ensure you grab all those extensions with precision and keep the fan intact, your tweezers must be suitable.

Grab the bundle/fan either at the very top of the straight base (before the bases split) or just slightly above where the fan splits.
Every tweezer works differently so it is up to you to experiment with the best pickup method to suit your tweezers.