DIY Segmented strip eyelash extensions Flamingo design 10mm 12mm 14mm 14mm

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1. Gently remove the lashes with makeup remover. And use a mild eye makeup remover to clean the glue off the eyelashes.
2. Carefully clean up the glue on the eyelashes with makeup remover. It can be used in infinite cycles if you are careful.
3. Use the curved tweezers to uncover the protective cover, put the eyelashes back in place and store them carefully to increase its lifespan.
Use the black glue carefully to avoid direct contact with eyes.

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DIY Segmented strip eyelash extensions Flamingo design

Quantity: 1 box
1 line 10mm long
1 line 12mm long
2 lines 14mm long
100% Brand New and High Quality
Name: Individual Lash
More natural look
Style: HDIY16
Package included: 1 box Lash Extension Kit
1. Squeeze your natural lashes with the eyelash curler gently and hold on for several seconds.
2. Carefully apply the glue to the main stem of the natural lashes.
3. Pick out the lashes with the curved tweezers select the desired length according to your needs.
4. Place under natural lash, close to the lash line without touching eyelid 1-2mm from your lashing.
5. Use the eyelash brush to gently brush the lashes to make them merge with your own eyelashes.
6. It looks more natural and charming.


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