Dumont J – shape Eyelash Extension Tweezers – Fiber coated

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When it comes to volume lashes, there is more action required than gluing extension to a lash. Fluffy volume lash extensions are achieved by applying 3 to 10 lash extensions to one natural lash. How so? To make sure that all the extensions are blended into the natural lash line seamlessly, we create lash fans of those 3-10 falsies and glue them. Making proper volume fans that have just the right width is not an easy task and mainly depends on the tweezer you’re using and how you’re using it.

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Eyelash Extension Tweezers – Fiber coated

New technology, with fiber coated tip. The only ones in the lash industry, you not gonna find anywhere else!

Introductory price only this month.

Look no more and make volume fans like a pro! Hand tested and makes 6D with one touch

Use our Tweezers to create volume or mega fans with ease. Use with our  Russian lashes to create the perfect fan.

Made from the highest grade stainless steel for accuracy and precision. Lightweight with a massaging diamond finish.

Just like any new tweezer it takes time before your hand’s muscle memory gets used to holding a new tweezer, it can feel odd at first but practice makes perfect.

Do not place these tweezers to soak in sterilising solution. Ideally use a sterilising spray and place in a UV cabinet.


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