Lash Lamp for Eyelash Extensions beauty 360° rotatable Half Moon cosmo Light


Why You Will Love Cosmo Light


Work and record totally hands-free! One of the best benefits of our custom phone clip is the ability to have full phone functionality. Perfect for before and after photos of your lash extension work! Record yourself lashing with time lapse for easy content creation.


Easily see your client’s beautiful lashes with our innovative ear-to-ear light coverage. The fully rotatable halo and patented, pivoting light arm gives you lighting exactly where you need it.


The flat base effortlessly glides beneath your lash salon furniture, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing, space-saving lighting solution for your lash studio.


Our purpose-built dimmable switch is crafted to elevate the lash experience. Seamlessly transition from a gentle glow to full brightness. The cool, crisp white LEDs are gentle on your client’s eyes, ensuring CosmoGlo is the best eyelash extension light.

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Package List:

1 x Eyelash Light

1 x Telescopic Support Rod

1 x Fixed Support Rod

1 x Base

1 x Remote Control

1 x Phone Clip Fixing Bracket

1 x Phone Clip; 1 x Adapter

1 x Power Adapter

1 x Power Cord

1 x Manual; 1 x Storage Bag


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